Laboratory Medicine Care Group

Head of Service
Mari Carmen Lorenzo Lozano

The Laboratory Medicine group is made up of specialists in Clinical Analysis, Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology who belong to the Clinical Analysis and Clinical Biochemistry Services of the General University Hospital of Albacete, Toledo, Villarrobledo and/or the Spanish Research Group in Biological Rhythms and Laboratory Medicine.

Our main professional work is at the healthcare level in our respective laboratories and we support and participate in lines of research that help to evaluate new therapeutic attitudes and new utilities of different analytes and biomarkers measurable in our centers.

The group has the following research lines:

  1. Pharmacological response of the individual to treatment: Pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic analysis.
  2. Biochemical toxicity studies of pharmacological treatments.
  3. Impact of the use of new infection biomarkers in urgent care.
  4. Chronobiology:
    1. Study of biological rhythms and their physiological and pathophysiological implication.
    2. Population analysis of the biological rhythm of biomarkers.
  5. Response to BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in healthcare workers.
  6. Effect of incorporating calcifediol in the treatment protocol for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus disease (Covid-19).